Angels of broken wings

People with Down syndrome are extremely imaginative and creative, and they need different types of support, while their intellectual disabilities range from lighter to moderate, with only 10 percent of them having severe disabilities. Down syndrome is one of the most common chromosome abnormalities with humans. It is very important that we all pay attention to these guys, to be aware that they are part of us and to help them become an equal part of society. In order to break down these prejudices of the society, a fashion show was organized in Belgrade, in which these guys and girls showed that they did were very well in the models role. 

The Panonian Sea

The Panonian Sea - Inhabitants of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina often talk about the Pannonian Sea. They see themselves as “sailors on the dry groud”, and in this story one must always find a legend. These sailors dream of the sea in which dolphins, whales and sharks lived. In the area from today’s Belgrade to Vienna, the sea kingdom was once spread, around which “giants” walked. The Pannonian Sea is a watery space that existed on the Pannonian Plain of about 30 million years ago and disappeared about 600,000 years ago. This is what remains.

The Last Serbian perfumer

Nenad Jovanov (68) manufactures perfumes by hand. He learned this old but very attractive craft from his father. He’s the third generation of perfumers in his family, and tradition was founded by his grandfather, father and uncle. Nenad is also a passionate photographer, and he hopes that his son will continue this family tradition one day.

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