Cemetery “Zbeg” - A place where the discarded rest

These are the graves beside which you will not find candles, flower wreaths or farewell messages. There are no monuments above the mounds of this lonely part of the cemetery, only a simple wooden cross on which the year of death is written, without a name, only with the mark of gender of the deceased person. More than 600 people are buried at the “Zbeg” Cemetery in Borca settlement, which no one accompanied to eternal rest. The gravediggers call it “A refuge for the deceased that no one visits.”
It is difficult to remain indifferent to the sight of lonely plots and empty graves beyond which stretches the vast plain. People who may not have had a decent life have been given an eternal home worthy of every human being.
It is rarely the case that some of the relatives come forward after a while, and erect a monument to their cousin, and also sometimes neighbors raise money to mark the eternal home of their deceased friend.
About 130 people are buried like this every year in Belgrade.

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