Cemetery “Zbeg” - A place where the discarded rest

These are the graves beside which you will not find candles, flower wreaths or farewell messages. There are no monuments above the mounds of this lonely part of the cemetery, only a simple wooden cross on which the year of death is written, without a name, only with the mark of gender of the deceased person. More than 600 people are buried at the “Zbeg” Cemetery in Borca settlement, which no one accompanied to eternal rest. The gravediggers call it “A refuge for the deceased that no one visits.”
It is difficult to remain indifferent to the sight of lonely plots and empty graves beyond which stretches the vast plain. People who may not have had a decent life have been given an eternal home worthy of every human being.
It is rarely the case that some of the relatives come forward after a while, and erect a monument to their cousin, and also sometimes neighbors raise money to mark the eternal home of their deceased friend.
About 130 people are buried like this every year in Belgrade.

No Pain - No Gain: Story about Bojan Jorgacevic

Bojan Jorgacevic had a tough childhood. He lost his father early, and in order to continue to train football, as a teenager, he had to work on a construction site, and a night shift at a train station burger kiosk, and still he didn’t miss a class in his high school.
Because he lived on the other side of the town, more than once, he happened to spend a night sleeping on a park bench after work, so he wouldn’t skip the morning training. The coaches thought that he was on drugs, because he looked really bad and pale with bags under his eyes. 
But the effort and faith in himself paid off. One night his coach from FC Rad saw him at the burger kiosk, and after he found out about all the Bojan’s trouble in life, the club gave him a scholarship, and from that day his life was going for the better.
He made a successful career defending for Gent, Club Brugge, Kayser and Levski, and made his dreams come true when he reached the Serbian National team jersey. 
Today, he works as the goalkeeper coordinator at the Crvena zvezda Youth School and the goalkeeper coach for the cadet team.

I am TRANS* - Thats my PRIDE

Sasha is a young and beautiful graphic designer, and she was a top student in her class, however, she is unable to get a job, and in everyday life encounters difficult obstacles because she refuses to hide her identity - she is a trans* person.

Sasha “came out of the closet,” and revealed her sexual identity at the end of her first year of college. Her mother accepted it from the beginning, while her father had great problems with it. He never accepted Sashas true identity and was physically abusive to her. Transgender people living in Serbia say that environmental prejudices are slowly ending and there is less and less fear of violence. When it comes to love and making relationships, there are also problems because of prejudice, but several significant relationships that she had, have encouraged her to be who she is and to be loved just for who she is.

The biggest problem for the trans * community, like the rest of the population in Serbia, is unemployment, even for those with high education level.

Sasha has entered the process of transition, that is, gender change. Her body accepts therapy, and hopes to have surgery in two years, she has given herself such a deadline.

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