Folk Games: Place in Serbia where the old athletic disciplines come to life

The Guca Trumpet festival has traditionally nurtured the Folk Games, which include a combination of several old athletic disciplines: Wrestling “in the bone”, throwing stones from the shoulder, jumping “out of place”, shooting ”apple’s heart” with an air rifle. In each of these disciplines, one participant who is the best is singled out, and then, the points are added up and only one comes out as the ultimate Victor of the all-rounder.

The Academy of Fine Pain

These guys hold their meetings in strict privacy, member only clubs with extremely low light, and sound proof walls. Their philosophy is based on pain that gives pleasure, and satisfaction that depends on pain. This is what is being taught in the only “Academy of Fine Pain” in Serbia that is located in the center of Belgrade. The broad field of BDSM most often involves bonding, domination, sadism and masochism. In this dominant and subordinate game, all trainees must learn how the knots binding techniques, how much each whip hurts, but also how a man treads properly and how to choke the “slave” until he breaks his blood supply. Although the “kinky” scene exists in Belgrade for a long time, the Academy was officially formed a little over two years ago.

Angels of broken wings

People with Down syndrome are extremely imaginative and creative, and they need different types of support, while their intellectual disabilities range from lighter to moderate, with only 10 percent of them having severe disabilities. Down syndrome is one of the most common chromosome abnormalities with humans. It is very important that we all pay attention to these guys, to be aware that they are part of us and to help them become an equal part of society. In order to break down these prejudices of the society, a fashion show was organized in Belgrade, in which these guys and girls showed that they did were very well in the models role. 

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