The Panonian Sea

The Panonian Sea - Inhabitants of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina often talk about the Pannonian Sea. They see themselves as “sailors on the dry groud”, and in this story one must always find a legend. These sailors dream of the sea in which dolphins, whales and sharks lived. In the area from today’s Belgrade to Vienna, the sea kingdom was once spread, around which “giants” walked. The Pannonian Sea is a watery space that existed on the Pannonian Plain of about 30 million years ago and disappeared about 600,000 years ago. This is what remains.

The Last Serbian perfumer

Nenad Jovanov (68) manufactures perfumes by hand. He learned this old but very attractive craft from his father. He’s the third generation of perfumers in his family, and tradition was founded by his grandfather, father and uncle. Nenad is also a passionate photographer, and he hopes that his son will continue this family tradition one day.

Chimney Sweepers

These guys have a ‘high position’ job, because Belgrade rooftops are their workplace. Despite the new technologies, they still manage to preserve this “romantic” job going. There is a belief that if you touch a chimney sweeper button, it brings you good luck. I spent a day with chimney sweepers in Belgrade, and this is how it look like.

These guys have a ‘high position’ job, because Belgrade rooftops are their workplace.

Everything begins with pointing out what and where the problem is, from the inside. Usually, the char that came back from the chimney creates a black spot on the wall.

Then with a cup of coffee and cigarettes, begin the “diagnostics”.

Accumulation of combustion products on chimney walls increases the risk of fire and the emission of harmful gases.

Time to go to work.

Some joke always comes around while climbing on the roof.

In the attic, the guys show where the chimney is clogged.

The neighbour came out to see what all the noise is about.

In this case, cleaning is done in the old way, by hand, with the proper tools and chimney brush.

After the job is done, the guys hit their old car “Yugo”, and head to the next location.

In the “office”

This is their ”office view”. Belgrade, Serbia December 2014.

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