The labyrinth of concrete and steel - The Mostar interchange

The famous labyrinth of concrete and steel - The Mostar interchange is one of thegreat projects from the Yugoslav civilengineering kitchen.

Constructions began in year 1967, and back then the construction companies in Yugoslavia could be proud of their professional staff at all levels and also levels of education. Even then, Yugoslav experts were appreciated in both domestic and foreign fields, and they were more than ready to embark on a demanding project like this. At the same time manpower and mechanization, as well as the materials used in the construction, were exclusively “home-made” - Which meant that everything finished without the intervention of any foreign company.

Since it was ceremoniously opened in 1970, all the works were completed in year 1974, and for the next five decades, as much as the river vehicles has been flowing from day to day, the Mostar loop has been able to suffer many times greater loads than expected. The fact that, in spite of that, it has undergone only one reconstruction, it seems, testifies enough to the expertise with which the experts presented the complete project.

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